September 2018 This years courses are coming to an end! We have had a great time, superb weather, wonderful students and lots of fun! Now it is time for a break. Although both houses are still available to rent on a self catering basis, if you fancy a holiday in paradise.

Next year 2019 there will only be 3 summer courses in July and August so be sure to book early!  Outside of these months the 2 houses will be available for rent on a self catering basis. You will have to rent a car in Dublin or Cork as there is very little local public transport.

August 2018 Wow months and years go by! We are always so busy, there is little time for the recording of all our activities! We are still up and running - it has been a great year. A fantastically hot spring/summer, but not as hot as in the rest of Europe. Very pleasant and still green. Vegetables have done very well and I have an abundance of courgettes and aubergines.  We have been to many festivals and seen some great Irish musicians including Sharon Shannon and Lunasa.  There is still the Traditonal Irish Music Festival at Bantry house to come. So lucky to be here in West Cork. The courses have been well attended with some great and interesting students. Next year however, there will only be three courses at Mill Litle Farm starting in July. If you wish to come I advise you to book early. The big Blue Pond House will be available to rent on a self catering basis  as will the smaller chalet/Little House. So if you want to book a holiday betwen April and July or Septemberto October, just let me know.
It may well be some months before I get time to wtite again, but if you want any information please email me.                       

February 2017   Wow another year has slipped by and we are getting ready to set up the garden. Seeds have been sown and are already peeping through the soil ! Unfortunately last Autumn I decided to sell my milking goats, so no more goats milk or cheese.  Such a pity, but it was time.
I now have only my 3 old Nanny goats, the hens and ducks and of course my adorable Kerry Bog Ponies, Dee Dee and Mill Megan!

Bookings are coming in for 2017 and in fact the July course is fully booked. However there are still some places for May, June and August, so do download an enrolment form to book now!


June 2016 and we are having a bit of a heat wave! The garden is beginning to produce and we are eating our own salad, potatoes, beetroot, spinach, onions, kohlrabi, cauliflower and garlic with lots more to look forward to. 
We have 2 goat kids and lots of milk for goats cheese! We have heard great music at the Fiddle Fair and danced away in the Irish set dancing lessons. All in all lots of fun. All courses are fully booked, except the course beginning August 21 - so still time to book a place. 

HAPPY St. PATRICK'S DAY to one and all!! March 17 2016!
The woofers (helpers) and I have been working so hard in the garden, we deserve a break today! We have set potatoes, onions, salad, put up pea and bean trellis, repaired fences to make them fox proof and built a super new fruit cage! The house has been cleaned from top to toe!  Everything is ready for the first course which begins on Easter Sunday. There is one place free now in May (due to cancellation), 1 place in July and 4 places in August! So do book a place now and you can not only learn English, but also indulge in all this wonderful organic food from the garden! 
MARCH 2016 - well it is time to set onioms again! The seasons go round and round! The English course are filling up, but there are still a few places, especially in July, August September! 

Lexi examines the onions and potatoes, all seems well.


End of May course and bathed in sunshine!


May 2015 All the courses for 2015 are fully booked, except for September and I am already taking bookings for 2016! The courses are going really well and the garden is looking magnificent. Our plates are loaded with fresh salad and all the beds are planted up for the summer. The azaleas are in bloom and the new herbaceous beds are gorgeous. Life is good at Mill Little Farm.

February 2015 - can't believe the winter is almost over. We still have flurries of snow here, but the daffodils are waving in there amongst them! Courses are filling up fast, but there are still a few places left, so book now if you want to come!


October 2014 - Winter just around the corner, but time to think about booking a course next Spring when you can see the wonderful lily pond.


September 2014 - We have had the most blissful  sunny September! The last course is coming to an end and I am off to Sardinia for hopefully more sunshine. We have made two new gardens at Mill Little, a magnificent herbaceous bed and a wild flower bank. The vegetable garden is abundant and we have been creating fantastic organic vegetarian meals. It has been a great year with all courses fully booked and we already have 6 bookings for 2015! So please book early if you want to learn English in paradise !

The sun is shining and the garden 
is coming to life!
There are only places available
in June and August, so please book 

March 2014 
A happy ending to the first course of 2014! The April and May Most courses are fully booked, but there
are still some places in June and August.
Why not book now!
NEWS February 2014 

Still chance to book a course, although only a few places left on the May and July courses. Why not come in March, only 2 students booked at present, with 2 teachers! So individual attention. Hope you are enjoying your winter!


NEWS March 2011
We are busy setting onions and planting potatoes and preparing for the first English course starting April.Lexi the boxer 

This my lovely Lexi. The latest addition to Mill Little Farm. She loves running through the newly planted forest with me each morning.

March 17! Happy Patricks Day was had by all! we went to an open day at Bantry House then on to Kealkil for the parade and to hear The Calvinists! Irelands latest from the heart of west Cork!! 

March 28 - Bad news / good news! Last night someone set fire to my new forest - it is only 4 yesrs old! The good news is the firebrigade came and put out the fire quite quickly and only one acre out of the 20 was burned and it now needs replanting. But it was a scarey night! Getting ready for the first course which starts on chicks

April 1st - The joke is it is pouring with rain but that brings growth. Spring has really arrived, the first brood of chicks has hatched!

September 29 Well a lot has happened since I last had time to write up anything! Anyone who has been here will know I am always busy with the animals, in the garden, teaching, going on trips, set dancing, listening to Irish music in the pub, having dinner and chatting with students over a nice glass of wine, walking with Lexi and of course answering all my emails! So how can I find time to write up Mill Little news! You can always go on my Mill Little Group Facebook page. I manage to post on that from time to time.  The last course of this year is about to begin and it is fully booked - great! Soon I will be getting round to writing and sending out my annual letter to all my ex-students. So must get on! 

November 25 Bookings for 2012 are already rolling in, so that's a good sign. I am off on my winter travels soon. I am heading for Laos and volunteering on an Organic goat and Mulberry Farm, where they make cheese and silk. They also need English teachers! So home from home. I am leaving Mill Little in the capable hands of Ignazia and her husband and my wonderful neighbours! Of course I will be checking my emails regularly, so will be able to accept all the bookings for 2012. Enjoy your winter - I am sure I will! 

May 28 2012 
Well I am not very good at posting my news! I had a fantastic winter! All my courses are fully booked for this year, except for September. In September there is still one place available. The weather, yes we always have to talk about the weather, has been very odd, it was hot in March, very cold in April, which held up the planting but last week we had an outside fire with barbecue dinner in sunshine! 

July 2012 About to head into the summer courses and praying for sunshine! Please take a look at my new Mill Little Farm Pages on Facebook. 

Autumn into winter 2012! Yes the courses for this year have come to an end! All courses were fully booked and I am already taking bookings for 2013. All is cosy here as winter approaches. I have lit the wood burning stove, but the Autumn sun is giving great hot water, through the solar panel. So I wish you all good times this winter and if you wish to book a course I am here to take your bookings! 

March 2013 Yes the year in the garden is well underway. Beds being dug and beans snuggling into the soil! Tomato and cucumber seedlings bursting out into the warmth of the propagator. English Courses are filling up and the first course, beginning March 31, is very international with Swiss, Italian and Spanish students. So we are definitely looking forward to Spring and the  new year on Mill Little Farm! 

April 2013 

reg_ser_clau_barley_cove_2013 A wonderful visit to Barley cove. Despite a cold wind, the sun shone and it was spectacular! The June course is full and only one place left for July, but there are still places left in May, August and September.


June 2013 Sensational weather!! The plants and animals are loving it and I am too! I am sure the students will love it too. The June, July and August courses are fully booked, but there are still places for September.


 October 2013 - Wow already and the last day so, Happy Halloween! Pumpkin soup tonight - yummy! The fire is burning in the hearth, the goats happy munching on hay and I am still picking vegetables from the garden! The courses went fantastically well this year and I already have bookings for 2014. Remember to book before November 30 and save 125.00! Hope you enjoy your winter!





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